Our Teas

Presenting — Lisa’s Tea Treasures Fine Tea Blends

Court Jester’s Surprise (Decaf)
(A Watermelon Berry Blend) Berries and watermelon that delight the palate only seasonally can now be enjoyed year-round while savoring this festive tea which is delicious hot or iced.

Duchess’ Delight (Decaf)
(A Boysenberry Blend) Anna, the seventh Duchess of Bedford started the tradition of afternoon tea. Unable to wait until eight o’clock to dine, Anna began taking tea daily at five. We think she would enjoy this boysenberry blend for her afternoon “pick-up” tea.

King’s Ransom
(Vanilla Floral Blend) In America, ransom took the form of tax on tea. This soft, fragrant tea is a tribute-to independence in every land. Because of it’s wide appeal, it has been designated as the BIRTHDAY TEA. Birthday labels are available, free of charge.

Louis XIV’s Favorite
(Blackberry Jasmine Blend) In 1714, toward the end of Louis XIV reign, the Princess of Palatine made tea fashionable among French society. We have blended Yin Ho (Oolong) Jasmine tea with dried blackberries and springtime flowers to make this elegant tea.

My Lady’s Respite (Regular/Decaf)
(Floral Earl Grey) Fine Earl Grey tea has always been treasured. We have blended black tea with the finest oil of Bergamot, lavender, then softened with Rose Petals.

Prince’s Passion
(Tropical Blend) This tea is in tribute to the Tea Princess and her Prince. Fine black tea has been blended with pieces of dried pineapple, papaya and mango and a sprinkle of the passion flower. This is our favorite for ICED TEA.

Queen Victoria’s Traditional
(English Breakfast Blend) Fine tea was so prized by the British in Victorian times, that the master of the house kept the tea in a locked tea box. Our English Breakfast tea is a blend of rich Assam black tea complemented by beautiful cornflowers.

Rajah’s Prize
(Strawberry Darjeeling Blend) Darjeeling, often called the Champagne of teas, has been blended with the sweetness of strawberries to bring you this lovely prize.

Royal Wedding
(Champagne Raspberry Blend) Delicate Darjeeling tea has been blended with champagne flavoring and raspberries resulting in a tea fit for a Royal Wedding.

Summer Regatta
(Peach Strawberry Blend) Think of fresh melba peaches in the summer. That is exactly the aroma that comes from this fragrant black tea — summertime memories.

Victorian Spice
(Spiced Plum) Lisa’s Tea Treasures has created a magical mixture of Keemun black tea with plum, cinnamon, ginger and a hint of rum flavoring. Colorful green Christmas labels will be included with your holiday orders.

Kiev Crush
(Cranberry Orange Herbal) The wonderfully bright flavor of cranberries is combined with the delicious citrus taste of orange in this delightful herbal blend.

Marquis’ Mint
(Lemon Mint Green Tea) This blend is a delight to the palate. The delicate green Sencha tea base is enhanced by camomile, spearmint and a hint of lemon.

Butter Truffle
(Buttery black tea blend) “Like licking a dish with freshly made cookie dough”. The taste and experience associated with this absolutely top tea cannot be better described.